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In our educational projects, learning follows the child's development while following their social evolution. Daycare considers the child's environment as a whole and pays particular attention to each individual's system. The monitoring of the child's progress is done in agreement with the direct stakeholders (the child, the family and the educator).

The notions of autonomy and respect are important values in L'Envol's educational projects. The child makes activity choices based on the skills he wishes to develop.

The Taking responsibility is linked to group functioning and this leads the child to experiment with his choices, integrate new notions and recognize himself as an individual in his own right. It's important to develop a feeling of belonging to the group, and learning to accept the operating rules of a group is necessary to allow the child to develop his or her learning. This is why L'Envol pays particular attention to the good social development of the child.

To raise children's awareness of climate issues, we emphasize the protection of nature and the environment.


At L'Envol, we consider the child to be at the center of all spheres and arriving with cultural, family, emotional and social baggage. By considering all these parameters we welcome childrens while respecting their history and helping them to evolve as a community.

Some childrens have difficulty integrating and evolving in a group. But we are here to teach them to remain themselves while seeking positive aspects of collective participation.

Other childrens integrate easily, but make few acquisitions (deficient memorization, absent observations, difficult concentration, etc) and we hope to teach them how to learn. This will be an asset for future schooling and good prevention of academic failure.


Come meet the dynamic and qualified team of L’Envol ! Consisting of:  


Director and founder of L’Envol since 1995

Pre-kindergarten manager (Gauguins group: 4 - 5 years old)



Educator since September 2023

Daycare manager (Acrobats and Comedians group: 18 - 24 months)




Educator since September 2023

Pre-kindergarten (Mini-Mozarts and Cousteau-Picasso group: 3 - 3½  years)




Substitute educator since September 2020

In a rotation position at Pre-kindergarten


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